A stylish and natural goodbye
With an ecological coffin.
Onora, a conscious goodbye.


Onora produces ecological coffins. We are the only company in the market that produces 100 percent sustainable coffins. Our coffins are fully biodegradable. Our philosophy is “from Cradle to Grave” and our coffins do not pollute the soil or the air (after a cremation). In addition, the environmental impact is much smaller than that of a standard coffin and even smaller than that of other ecological coffins. The coffins are produced in the Netherlands and made from organic material, so we use less and better material for the production of our coffins.

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100% Ecological

The Onora coffin is made from sustainable Biomass. This is 100% organic material like potato starch and mais and is 100% biodegradable, without releasing harmful substances.

Stylish Design

Onora develops products for consumers who are looking for a friendly looking coffin. Because of its matte appearance and rounded corners, the design is organic and soft.

Friendly Price

Because we use less material for its production and because of its efficient design, the coffin is not more expensive than a traditional coffin.

Multiple Colors

The coffin of Onora is available in several standard colors, making it possible to choose the coffin into your own color.

Onora's Coffin

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