From Cradle to Grave

The Biodegradable Coffin.
Made from 100% nature.

What is a sustainable funeral exactly?

“A sustainable funeral is a qualification of activities (products and operations) and developments. On the one hand they meet the needs of the current generation (the ceremony of burying or cremating the deceased); on the other hand they have no negative impact on the environment which may limit the future generation in their needs. Think about for instance the impact of production, the impact of logistics and soil pollution.” (Source: Erik Veldman)

What is an ecological coffin exactly?

When it comes to ecological products, the objective is to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. To achieve this you look at the entire life cycle of a product; from the production of raw materials to the manufacturing of the product, the total transport and finally the elimination: how much energy do you need and which emissions are released?

Part of a truly ecological product is trying to reduce transportation to a minimum by producing locally. You make sure you use as little material as possible (even though they are ecological). And you only use sustainable materials that do not release (toxic) emissions.

Besides ecology there is also sustainability; besides the environmental impact we also look at the costs and the human aspect (Planet, People, Profit). Onora’s coffins are the answer to your sustainability question.


Versatile Design

The Onora coffin is designed for those  who make conscious choices during their life as well as the way in which they want to say goodbye. Onora is created for the person who believes sustainability is a way of life. Our coffin is stylish and has a modern design with smooth curves and rounded corners. A supporting edge is located at the bottom, making  the traditional handles redundant.


Sustainable Biomass

The Onora coffin is produced from organic material and weighs 45% less than the average coffin. Onora uses less and truly sustainable materials. The coffin is completely biodegradable and turns into harmless compost. The entire Onora coffin is made from one kind of material, including the coffin-lid fastener and the supporting edge. The coffin is also suitable for cremation and it emits less than 75% toxic gases during combustion.


Friendly Price

Because of the specific production process, the coffin is produced in one go and no assembly is required. This process uses 45% less material than the production of a traditional coffin. This ensures that the total manufacturing cost of Onora’s ecological coffins is reduced to a minimum and makes it less expensive than traditional coffins.

Harmful Emissions
Assembly time in Minutes
Wall Thickness


A Comparison

Traditional Coffin

 Heavy (avg. 45 kg)
 High CO2 emission
 Environmental load
 Standard design
 Individual packaging
 High heating value (soot)

Onora Coffin

Fresh colors
Light (25 kg)
Stylish design
Lower heating value
Clean combustion