We Are Onora

Live Consciously,
Choose consciously,
also for your last move ....

With The Right Passion For Our Product!

Our ideology goes beyond the production of ecological coffins.

Based on our philosophy “from Cradle to Grave” we aim to reduce pollution as much as possible.

Who is Onora?

Onora is a new initiative by Marieke Havermans. She studied Industrial Product Design at the Institute of  Technology and has been working in the packaging industry since 2000. With a background in materials and production she came upon the idea of developing a truly sustainable and stylish coffin available to everyone. Onora is a new player in the funeral industry. A player with a fresh look at a traditional market. We plan to increase the supply in this industry by initially launching truly sustainable coffins that are personable and fairly priced.

Our strengths

Fresh Perspective










The enormous potential of this product, together with the knowledge and passion of Marieke, will make Onora a true game changer in the market.

Ben Wienk, Investor

Onora is founded by Marieke Havermans.

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